The 3rd Marine Infantry Parachute Regiment (French: 3e Régiment Parachutiste d'Infanterie de Marine, 3e RPIMa) is an Airborne regiment in the French army. It is a part of the 11th Parachute Brigade and stationed at Carcassonne.


Created 1 January 1948 in Saint-Brieuc as the 3rd Colonial Commando Parachute Battalion and sent to Indochina in October the same year. It will be twice cited in the order of the army before being dissolved in 30 September 1950 after having sacrificed itself at That Khe.

Recreated on 27 December 1951 and renamed the 3rd Colonial Parachute Battalion on 28 May 1952 and further distinguish itself in Indochina.

It is once again dissolved in 1953, providing the cadre for the 5th Vietnamese Parachute Battalion. Recreated again on 1 June 1955, it is renamed 3rd Colonial Parachute Regiment 1 November 1955 under order of Lieutenant Colonel Bigeard.

It is present in all bigger operation in Algeria as a part of the 10th Parachute Division, it also took part in the combat around Bizerte. It was renamed the 3rd Marine Infantry Parachute Regiment on 1 December 1958, it returns to Metropolen France and settles in Carcassone on 22 July 1962 and entirely professional in 1976. The regiment intervenes in south Lebanon in 1978.

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