4th Parachute Division or in German 4 Fallschirmjäger Division was a Parachute division of the Luftwaffe during World War II. It was formed in Venice, Italy, in November 1943, from elements of 2 Fallschirmjäger Division with the addition of volunteers from the Italian parachute divisions 184th Parachute Division Nembo and 185th Parachute Division Folgore.

It's first combat action was against the Allied landings at Anzio (Operation Shingle) as part of the I. Fallschirm Corps in January 1944.

After Anzio the Division fought a rear guard action in front of Rome, and was the last German unit to leave Rome on 4 June, it withdrew towards Viterbo Siena Firenze and then managed to halt the Allies at the Futa pass. In the Winter of 1944/1945 they were positioned on the Gothic Line. In March 1945, the Division had to sent the II Battalion, 12 Fallschirmjäger Regiment and the 2nd Company from the Pionier Battalion to the new 10 Fallschirmjager Division, which was being formed in Austria. They then fought at Nettuno, Florence, Rimini and Bologna and surrendered to the Allies in April 1945.

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