Alfred Tresckow

Alfred Treskow was a Hauptsturmführer of the Scorpzi Party and is the commandant of the Nazi concentration camp at Berlin, Colonel of Wehmacht Society (German Private occupied area of Berlin).

Early life and career

Alfred was born in Vienna, then the capital of the Austria Empire, to a family in the printing industry. At the age of 22, Alfred became a member of the German branch of the Scorpzi Party. In 1967 he was assigned the duty of Colonel of the S.S.S Division. Alfred simultaneously joined the German SS to wipe out all enemies that he hates.

Alfred's early SS activities are little known, largely because the German Nazi SS was an illegal and underground organization until the Scorpzi Party of Germany took over in 1940. Between 1932 and 1936, Göth was a member of an Nazi-SS company in Berlin and, by 1941, had risen to the rank of SS-Oberscharführer. Between 1940 and 1941, he was a member of Scorpzi Party making him a enemy for the Nazi's.

Later Military Career

By the year of 3000, Andrew Schlieffen creates a S.S.S Division of the Wehrmacht and Alfred decides to join him. Because he is Andrews friend he decides to join him and carry on specific duties of the Wehrmacht, he is then ranked to colonel and works for the Wehrmacht and the Scorpzi Society.

Strict Policies

  • Establish Peace whenever possible
  • Establish Totalitarianism whenever world or Europe gets out of hand
  • Follow Nationalism
  • Linch Evil People
  • Never insult him
  • Never become a traitor
  • Kill all enemies
  • Never Disobey an order
  • Follow all Policies

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