Baby Demetri is a charater of the Imaginary world. He is serious about his work. He is friends with Baby Ryan, and Baby Matthew. His father is Demetri and his mother is Melissa. He goes to evil school on weekends and normal school on weekdays except for Friday when it is his day off.

The Baby Boomers Gambling Business

Baby Demetri is one of the founders of the Baby Boomers Gambling Business (BBGB). It is a major gambling business that takes over other businesses by the Owners gambling to make profit for their business. Once the Business has enough profit they can compete against bigger business owners (including adults and teens). Baby Demetri has been a successful and tough gambler against his rivals, he loves to play blackjack, texas hold'em, and omaha.

Its End

Sadly the Babies Boomer Business had its ends and at least baby demetri made friends. He then though its was boring going to the casino's so he decided to learn magic from Mr.Magic.

Magic Lessons

Baby Demetri was wanted to learn more magic, so that in case anything happend to his father or grandfather he can you his magic for defense, although Mr. Magic didn't want to teach him and his friends, Mr. Magic said to read from the Magic book which has 100 chapters, and about 1 Million Pages. He began to read and then succeeded in the first book but there were more, he was fustrated but he wanted more magic so he begun to read Volume 2 Sorcery, followed by Volume 3 Dark Magic(Which is his favorite).

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