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Baby John


Baby John was born in New York. He had a strict father (John) and a good pleasent mother (Flicky). At the age of 3 he was smart, enough to get around and do things on his own. At the age of 7 he turned out to be a gentleman. But by the age of 10, he grew rebellius, and when he met the vampire, he promised that he would get him, and he did! When the vampire and Baby Johns mother were in love he grew angry and decided that he would start hitting the vampire, everytime he saw him with his mother. Then when the vampire took his mother away and made him his, Baby John decided that he would now threaten and kill the vampire, and hit and disobey his mother when it was convenient for him. Then when the vampire had a son, he decided to threaten his mother as well as the vampires son. Baby John grew angry, and laughed at the thought of killing and threatening the vampires son. This he enjoyed soo much, and too much. When the time came for the vampires son to have a son, Baby John hatted his older sister (Teenager Flicky) and the vampires son (Ryan) so when they had a son, Baby John came up with a plan. At the wedding he was the ring bearer, which he thought that was a perfect name for his evil plan. He ruined the wedding by throwing the ring across the church and yelled at the vampires son to, "Go get it, stupid bitch!" and at their reception, he hit the vampires son and threatend him. When he heard them having sex, he made an evil, evil plan. At their house, when they had a party, Baby John took some scissors from the kitchen and sneaked into the Baby Ryans room. He threatened Baby Ryans life and the parents came in and took Baby John and he scissors away! Baby John smiled evilly at Baby Ryan. Later he went in again, and said, "Having a good time?" and took some blocks and a cover and threatened Baby Ryans life again! He was actually killing Baby Ryan!!! Until his parents came in and took Baby John out of the room and he was screaming and threatening to kill Baby Ryan. He wasn't allowed near Baby Ryan ever again. Now Baby John as grown fond of Baby Ryan and they are actually friends, as well as Baby Ryans little brother, and the rest of the evil little brothers.

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