Friedrich Fromm (October 8, 1888 – March 12, 1945) was a German army officer remembered for his betrayal of conspirators involved in the 20 July plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler.

Early life

Fromm was born in Charlottenburg. He served as a lieutenant during World War I.

20 July Plot

In World War II Fromm was Commander in Chief of the Replacement Army (Ersatzheer), in charge of training and personnel replacement for the German Army, a position he occupied for most of the war. Though he was aware that some of his subordinates - most notably, Claus von Stauffenberg, his Chief of Staff - were planning an assassination attempt, he remained quiet. When the assassination attempt failed, Fromm reacted by ordering the execution of those conspirators he knew.


Unfortunately for Fromm, this reaction helped to expose his own lack of action and alleged failure to report the plot. He was arrested, convicted, and sentenced to death by the German "People's Court" (Volksgerichtshof). Despite his involvement in the conspiracy, his formal sentence condemned him for poor performance of his duties. He was executed in Brandenburg an der Havel. Hitler personally commuted his death sentence from hanging to "more honorable" firing squad.

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