Henry Scorler (Later known as Adolf Scorpler)

Born in Berlin, Germany, Scorler lived a great life. At the age of 18

Scorpler WW1 - WW13

he Graduated from highschool. At the age of 21 he decided to form a

group called the Scorpzi Party. He then planned to kill Hitler. It was a big

success. He then made the people follow him and became the leader of

Germany. He changed the government and then he made alliances with

Austria, Luxemburg, Italy, France, Britain, Poland, Belgium, Swedan, and

Norway. He then waged war on the Red White and Blue wiwi's. He killed

many and he then planned to make the world one great Germany. He

started Operation Gas Wipeout. The operation was to '''poison the world

by distributing deadly gas through the pipe lines. It turned out to be a great

success. Scorpler had control of the world. Years later, He gave up the country

to James Connar, and is now the secondary leader, filling out requests and

papers for James to look at and review.

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