Kicky Rich

Kicky was born in New York, United States. She has had an exciting life and

was considered to be really popular through out her school years. As a kid, she

participated in beauty pagents and she won a lot of trophies for her performances.

She graduated highschool were Flicky and her met and then worked as a movie actress.

She was sooo good, that she became a movie star, and earned around 1 million dollars. She

then became interested in Fasion and she persued it. She was really good at posing

and she got her face in over 100,000 magizines. She made millions of dollars. After

she met James Rich, and they got married and had a baby girl and a baby boy. They

named them James and Kicky. Today they still have a great life, along with great friends

and reletives.

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