Killer John, aka John Stenson, wasn't always evil. He first started out as a teenager that was

abused by his parents. Then he and his friends Killer William & Andrew, made a plan to kill

them, and they succeeded, along with killing their whole family. Later they became partners and

they formed a gang. They then kill many people, and it was a sport to them and they liked it.

After, they planned to take over the world, but finally after 3000 years, got arrested and

then later, escaped. Killer John escaped by making a run for it and getting in a speed boat to

Russia, then took a plane to America, and now is hiding in his "Speakeasy" as his father called it,

planning to take over the world again. But he didn't, he was captured and sent to prizon, and then

escaped and decided to spend his time in Russia.

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