Medal of Honor: European Assault is a video game soundtrack that offers a superior quality and in short, is a keeper!

Following Michael Giacchino's breakthrough work, Christopher Lennertz' second offering in the Medal of Honor (MOH) series proves that he is a force of his own and establishes his work as a formidable follow-up to Giacchino's exceptional style of music. Musically, Lennertz gives us a fresh take on the series and it works nearly on every level. Specifically, it is all very well balanced. For instance, their is a choir employed on this score, but not once do the voices soar over the top or become overbearing. The choir, like the instrumentation, are used in complimentary roles and the payoff is tremendous.

Perhaps what I like and respect most about Lennertz' music here is that it represents an original musical style of his own without relying heavily on existing MOH themes. Better yet, the subtle references he does make to MOH adds a layer of connectivity to the previous scores, and thereby enhances the depth of the music.

The score is comprised of 11 tracks of moderate length with a substantial main theme, first heard in the opening track. This main theme is an anthem that grows on you with repeat listens, and the variations of it in key sequences of the score bring it to life further. The best way to describe the theme is that it is dramatic and melodic, and brings forth images of courage and bravery.

The body of work on this score is tremendous given the short running time. It is, in fact, the short running time of the disc (purchased on iTunes) that keeps it from being ranked as a modern masterpiece. Perhaps it's a testament to Lennertz' talent that his output was so significant with this score that it left me wanting to hear so much more.


  • 1. Dogs of War - Main Title 3:02
  • 2. Operation Chariot 3:21
  • 3. Casualties of War 1:44
  • 4. Redball Express 3:21
  • 5. To Stalingrad 3:21
  • 6. Clearing Tobruk 2:09
  • 7. North Africa 5:26
  • 8. The Desert Rats 2:21
  • 9. Russia, 1942 2:20
  • 10. Battle of the Bulge 4:20
  • 11. One Man Can Make A Difference 2:08
  • Total Time: 33:33

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