Medal of Honor: Rising Sun feels a bit like Michael Bay's Pearl Harbor in that an attempt to make an epic WWII Pacific Theater experience results in a product with brilliant touches mixed with mediocrity. Rising Sun does, however, get a nod for not starring Ben Affleck.

What should have been a triple-A game that replaces evil Nazis with inscrutable Japanese turns out to be merely a decent shooter with fantastic production values. As awe-inspiring and grandiose as the Pearl Harbor level is, it's still just a rail shooter. The missions are uneven, ranging from uninspired "stealth" levels to well-designed artillery raids. While the enemy A.I. seems sly at first, popping out of secret holes and all, you eventually find out that the Imperial Army ain't the brightest bunch and tends to remain oblivious to slain comrades. And the multiplayer is pretty bland, with the added oddity of grenade use that's tougher than it is in single-player mode. Although the overall package is disappointingly satisfactory, there's enough great moments to make it worth a look; it's just not a MOH-class shooter.