Mr. Magic aka Henry Magic use to be just a really great,
Mr. Magic

Mr. Magic

and well known magician He was booed and made fun

of when he made a little mistake, and then later decided

to go to Dr. Von Schneizer for help. But he turned him down.

So he got really mad and then using levitation, smashed a table

out of the window, and left. He then met the vampire and they

became evil best friends. Mr. Magic then turned evil and was

never seen again, till he met the babies. He then decided that the

Vampire and him should destroy them. But they failed. He now

is trying to figure out a way to get the babies magic, and all the

magic in the world, so that he can be the most powerful magician

in the universe, and then show the world, that he will no longer be

made a fool of.

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