The Russian Terrorist Party (Later called the Ultranationalist Party) are a revolutionary political party and armed organization in Russia who wish to return the country back to what it once was during the days of the U.S.S.R. They believe that the Russian Federation does not have the best interests of the Russian people at heart, siding with Western interests both philosophically and economically, which they perceive to be destroying or weakening Russia. The Russia Terrorist Party idealize the old Soviet state out of a sense of wounded national pride, though their actual commitment to Communist political and economic ideals are left rather vague. In this mad crusade for what they consider to be national restoration, the Russia Terrorist Party consider the powers of the Western world, specifically the United States of America, Europe and Asia, to be major obstacles in their path, as well as any Russians who do not support their aims. Their funds come from several criminal activities such as human trafficking, drug trafficking, hijackings and kidnappings. They are also supplied in weapons by several arms dealers around the world, such as Killer John, Killer William, Vladimir and/or Killer Andrew who was an arms dealer before becoming a terrorist. It seems that, in 3500, Ultranationalist's have seized the government of Russia and failed, and have markedly increased their power and military strength. Despite the efforts of the Marines, Wehrmacht, and the Imperial Army, the Russian Terrorists will seize control of Russia once again and declare Zakhaev the leader. Meanwhile, Victor Zakhaev, one of Imran's former leaders, begins a campaign against Europe by committing numerous acts of terrorism. While the Russian Terrorist Party commits acts of terrorism on Germany, Victor Zakhaev plans to use nuclear submarine warfare to create one Russia.

The Russia Terrorist Party

Becoming the Ultranationalist Party

As soon as Victor's plan fails Imran Gorbachev kills Victor Zakhaev and takes over the Russian Terrorist Party and turns it into the Ultranationalist Party. He then begins a Campaign to take over the world and create one Russia using Satellite Technology. Following the events from the timeline. Gorbachev also robs banks, treasuries, and plans to bring Putin back by helping the RSSU.

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