The Task Force Death Soldier and are typically armed with heavy assault guns. They are very strong and are much more resilient than darktroopers. They are often found with Base Soldiers. The death soldiers are resistant to any damage except to lightsabers, and they wear the iconic red goggles.
Task Force Executioner

Quarantine and Use of Force

Inmates are always handcuffed in the presence of officers. When escorting inmates, officers are armed. Their weapons are cuffed to them so that an inmate or terrorist cannot take the weapon away, but when they want to use the weapon they simply uncuff the weapon and use it. They always handle their enemies and prisoners with the use of violence, and force. When catching a specific enemy they tend to be in groups of 5 to 7 and locate the enemy by sealing off a specific city, town, or residential area to make it easier for them to find the enemy. They will use poisionous gas in a residential or commercial area so that the enemy will have difficulty to run and will have less time to hide.

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