Soviet Union Flag (when they first started)

Coming to power in the year 2500, the Soviet Union was considered to be the new Russian Party. Lead by Vladimir Putin they went into office and casted more than 1 million votes. After Stalin, leader of the country and USSR at the time, decreed that it was illigal to do that many votes. After, they launched a violent attack on the government, rebeling and easily overthrowing Stalin and his party. Putin then seized control of Russian, and the Soviet Union Party was formed. After, they built a strong military and navy and took control of Asia, Japan, and China. After Putin, the leader, was easily tooken down by Darth Flicky's Task Force. And the country was then gained control by Salin and the USSR.


500px-Red black star flag819149380

Soviet Union Flag (when in power)

Putin came back, escaping jail, and he took down Stalin again. He then built up his military, navy, and took control of Asia, Japan, and China as quickly as possible. He then built a major defense system and made a HUGE army and took over and seized Europe, the US, and all of the world. He then built a major space defense system and then he took control of all the planets and solar systems, pushing the Task Force away from his galaxy which he named, "The Russian Way." strictly because indeed, everything went his way of coarse. Then the armies of the earth combined to assault his galaxy and later went into Russia, which was heavily guarded and defened, and was tooken down. The Soviet Union fell to power, when the new leader gave it up and Russia was then free again.


Under the secrecy of the R.S.S.U (Russian Secret Soviet Union) they hidden party has been planning on bringing Putin back. With the help of some friends that have succeeded in bringing back Putin. Now, the Soviet Union is "Blood Thirsty" and will be wanting absolute power, then, they plan to destroy and kill everyone that disobeys them except friends and plan to rule the world and the galaxies with a steel fist, as for Putin, he is going to be eviler then ever!


Soviet Unions new flag for the 5000's!

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