The War to end all Wars is the battle between the forces of the allies and the forces of Darth Flicky. Darth Flicky plans to take over the entire globe with a series of plans and action. The germans and other allied nations do what ever they can to put the war to an end.

Description of Battle

Darth Flicky strikes a reign of terror in order to try to win the war. She will stop at nothing till of the world is perished into darkness and hell. The sun becomes a solar eclipse and the moon turns to blood as a sign for the final battle between Darth Flicky and Germany.

War to end all wars moon

Moon turns to blood for the final total war

War to end all wars sun

Sun turns to Darkness for the final total war

The Battle of Japan

Darth Flicky sends 50,000 troops to japan and japan has 100,000 troops. The war tuns out to be bloody and Darth Flicky wins. The sumo master then has a bet and the vampire starts a contract about who takes japan. They all play a game of poker and the sumo master gains the victory and the empire of Japan is safe.

Allied Reinforcements

The Vampire recruits his army and starts to join the war in order to take control of New York City.

The Battle of America

The Vampire fights in the Battle of America, do to a huge loss of his army and no training he decides to get help from Darth Flicky. All is great until the Americans become good and take out Darth Flicky's Reinforcements, Darth Flicky then surrenders and New York becomes safe.

The Final War

The Battle of Germany

Darth Flicky and the Vampire soon attack Germany. The Vampire sends his army of 1,000,000 troops, and 5,000,000 Cronarches. Darth Flicky sends 2 Billion Imperial Troopers, 2 Billion Dark Troopers, 1 Billion Generals, and 5 Billion Bombers (B-2'S) to the war. All allies soon fight for Germany and the war becomes total war.

Allies of the War


  • Shogun(100,000)
  • Japanese troops(500,000)
  • Naval Ships(500)
  • Japanese Dive Bombers(10,000)
  • Japanese Mitsubishi A6M Zero Fighter(10,000)


  • American Troops(5 Million)
  • U.S Army(5 Million)
  • F/A 18(500,000)
  • B-2 Bomber(1 Million)


  • Wehrmacht(10 Million)
  • Scorpzi's(2 Billion)
  • Nazi's(5 Million)
  • Panzergrenadiers(500,000)
  • Panzerfaust(500,000)
  • B-52 Bomber(5 Million)
  • B-17 Bomber(5 Million)
  • Conarches(500,000)


Darth Flicky

  • Evil Task Force troops(2 Billion)
  • Dark Troopers(2 Billion)
  • Generals(1 Billion)
  • B-2 Bombers(5 Billion)
  • F/A 18(500 Million)


  • Troops(1 Million)
  • Conarches(5 Million)

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