• Feb 2 - The last German forces in Stalingrad surrender
  • May 13 - The long North Africa campaign ends. The Allies control North Africa
  • May 22 - 41 German U-boats sunk in 3 weeks. Doenitz retreats all U-boats from the North atlantic
  • Jul 5 - The battle of Kursk begins
  • Jul 10 - The Allies invade Sicily
  • Jul 25 - Mussolini is replaced and arrested.
  • Aug 10 - The Germans know the Enigma was decoded, but believe the new types and procedures are safe again.
  • Sep 3 - The Allies invade Italy's mainland
  • Sep 8 - Italy surrenders. The German forces in northern and central Italy occupy it
  • Sep 25 - The Russians liberate Smolensk
  • Oct - Allied anti submarine bases established in the Azores, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean
  • Nov 6 - The Russians liberate Kiev
  • Nov 19 - The Marines land in Tarawa
  • Nov - Rommel takes command of the "atlantic wall" in the French coast
  • Dec - P-51 fighters provide all-the-way long range escort to bombers over Germany

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